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Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadRush 2112 Bluray Video Disk - Poll - Include in Database?
Quoting Addicted2DVD:
I looked at the video you linked to on youtube and in my opinion it is very different then Motion Comics put out by Marvel and such. I would have to vote that no this is not the same as a video disc.

Yes it is different story wise and so on.  But as an animation style it is very similar to the old comic animation style, and even the newer (Cheaper) animation styles that are being made.

Even still, I would still class it as a VIDEO disk.  Not an Audio disk, so it would still have a place within the DVDProfiler database.

Audio Disks are a totally different thing all together.. This is a Video disk, with animations and so on - anda. VIDEO file structure on the BluRay.

If its a SUBJECTIVE determination on what animation is ok to have in the database and what animation is now no longer animation but solely AUDIO, then that is a different matter and I think thats a subjective determination if the VIDEO ANIMATION is up to standard.

But if we are not going off subjective feelings, and actually look objectively - its a VIDEO DISK, with a 40 MINUTE CARTOON ANIMATION on it.  It has a Menu with other EXTRA FEATURES - all of these describe many titles that are included in our database.

We need to loose the subjective "Does this VIDEO count as a VIDEO" perspective.  Otherwise there are so many titles similar to this one we need to remove.

OBJECTIVELY - its a Video disk, with a 40 minute main feature on it - that is based off music. 
I can think of many other titles that are video on top of an album / music, we allow those without question.

Android Technical SupportNew posts in this threadAndroid DVD Profiler on PLAYSTORE !  SOLUTION ! Using Amazon Fire Tablet 10.1 (2021)
This worked for me. I didn't realize the Amazon Appstore was a separate app to be downloaded and installed onto my Google Pixel 6 Pro phone, but once it was installed, I was able to download and install the DVD Profiler app and synch it up with the db on the PC, in no time. Thank you for this recommendation.

Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadWardrobe Direction?  (1 2 3 )
Quoting MikaLove:
Quoting Nosferatu:
I think that's a key point: a costume supervisor is entered in the credits as a costume designer. As the same can be said for a wardrobe designer, is a costume supervisor very different from a wardrobe director?

I would agree with this as well.
Although IMHO this isn't as much about "semantics" and labels as it is about researching and providing valid documentation.
I'm not the least bit an expert on wardrobe and costume "stuff", but it seems to me there are quite a few ways to credit such crew, as opposed to other crew, but while the wardrobe crew is doing very similar jobs. I'd think the producers just like to credit them in a "fashion" (pun) that suits (pun #2) the crew members, the way they see it.

Quoting scotthm:
It's very conceivable to me that multiple people may have designed costumes for a film and that one of those designers may be credited as a Director because they not only designed some of the costumes but directed the entire costume department, so I don't think I'd necessarily want to disqualify a Wardrobe Director just because they weren't the sole costume designer.


Quoting T!M:
No, they don't. Instead, per Ken, errors in the CLT may be documented and be taken into account - and that's exactly what common name-finding threads do, why we do them. Conclusive common name-finding threads trump the raw CLT numbers.

And absolutely this!
Coming from one of our uncrowned kings of common name documentation.

Thanks for your kind words and I agree with lot what you're saying.

I'm a big fan of a broad interpretation of the rules. Especially when it comes to older films. Credits weren't as formalized back then as they are today. I think we should consider that.

But I would make a difference between a Wardrobe Director and a Costume Supervisor.
A costume supervisor seems to be a subordinate person to the costume designer.
Whereas Wardrobe Director seems to be a rather unique credit.Or has anyone ever seen a person other than Charles Le Maire who had such a credit? Le Maire was, after all, apparently the head of the entire costume department at 20th Century Fox in his day. So he was above the respective costume designers of the individual films and he will have been more or less involved in at least the important films. He also won Oscars for some of them.
Maybe the part of the rules that deals with supervising credits can be applied to the Wardrobe Director after all. I was against it when I started the thread. Now I'm not so sure about it.

Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadCommon name for Sound man Joe/Joseph (A.) Melody  (1 2 3 4 )
Children of the Night: Joseph Melody: Sound Editing.

The Gambler Returns (miniseries): Joseph A. Melody: Sound Editing.

Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadCommon name for special effects coordinator/supervisor Michael/Mike Ricci
The Unholy – Michael Ricci (Special Effects Coordinator)