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Tool: OverviewCheckPlus
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar ContributorGSyren
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OverviewCheckPlus 1.2

Bug fixes:
At the end of a session, a flag set named Ocp_ChangedProfiles was supposed to be saved, containing the IDs of all profiles that had been updated during the session. Well, it actually was, but it should have been saved with the extension .lst, and it wasn't. Therefore you couldn't load that flag set in DVD Profiler. This has now been corrected.

If you end a session before you have checked all loaded profiles, you can save the remaining profile IDs to a flag file. You can also keep IDs of profiles that you have checked, but wish to revisit later, and those IDs will be saved in the same flag file (See the topic "Navigation" in the new help file). You can either save the flag file using the File / Save remaining IDs menu item or you'll be prompted when you exit the program. If you had reviewed all loaded profiles, and had saved some IDs, the Save remaining IDs menu item should have been enabled, but it wasn't. A very minor problem, but it has been fixed.

In addition to using the slider to zoom in on the back cover scan you can now use the scroll wheel on your mouse (if it has one) to zoom.

If the back cover scan is rotated 90 degrees (which it can be for some box sets) you can click the rotate button next to the slider in order to rotate the image 90 degrees at a time.

The brown and blue circles above the overview now have tooltips to remind you of what they mean.
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DVD Profiler Desktop and Mobile RegistrantStar Contributormreeder50
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I wish I could use it, but unfortunately it will not make contact with HTTPJolie on my computer for whatever reason. I still use OverviewCheck3.
Marty - Registered July 10, 2004, User since 2002.
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