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DuVal / Duval
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar ContributorMagmadrag
Master of childprofiles
Registered: May 25, 2007
Germany Posts: 453
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One more time I am more than just a little bit annoyed by someone who thinks he/she has to "reform" several names without any sence...

I just got an update for a profile and the only change was the spelling of the name "Duval" now to "DuVal". Did you ever have similar problems?

Not every name starting with "Du..." or "De..." needs a capital letter after that and locking several updates only because of that reason for me is wasted time.

If there is a space between (like in "De Vito") then the capital letter is correct, but not every "Debit" has to be a "DeBit" and also not every "Macintosh" is a "MacIntosh".

So if you think that a change is neccessary because the name is written wrong, would you be so kind and check the actor/actress via Google, IMDB, Wikipedia first? This avoids senceless updates and the additional work to re-update the wrong spelling from the last update back to the correct one.
DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar Contributorhuskersports
Registered: September 29, 2008
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It's not going to change in your local database. Those types of changes only affect the contributors db. So if you have Duval and a contribution changes it to DuVal, your database will stay at Duval. Same with MacDonald/Macdonald, etc.
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DVD Profiler Desktop and Mobile RegistrantStar ContributorAiAustria
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These names are very old. I assume there was an automatic capitalization tool in action  - once upon a time...

Additional information to huskersports post:
- same for BYs which exist locally: they are kept
- if such differences are detected, a button "Optional Updates" is shown:

There you can see which amendments are skipped by default and you can manually import each of them into you local data base...
Complete list of Common Names  •  A good point for starting with Headshots (and v11.1)
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