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Regarding all my tools that use HTTPJolie
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As you may have read in the HTTPJolie thread, mediadogg and I have been working on fixing the connectivity problem in HTTPJolie. For some reason that we couldn't figure out, with the updated HTTPJolie we got some anomalies in the received data in my programs. Fortunately it turned out to be a very easy fix on my side, just two lines of code. Unfortunately it meant that all my programs that use HTTPJolie had to be updated with that fix.

Some of my programs are more likely to exhibit the problem that others, but you may just as well upgrade the ones that you use before installing the new version of HTTPJolie when mediadogg releases it. The programs concerned are:
- BirthYearCheck
- DpComparison
- DpOnlineBrowser
- DpUpdateCheck
- DvdpScheduler
- InvalidBYs
- OverviewCheckPlus
- ProfilerMissing
- ProfilerQuery
- SelectedInfo

They work with both the current HTTPJolie and the upcoming version. You can find them all here.
My freeware tools for DVD Profiler users.
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