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Tool: ContribLookupPlus
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My old tool ContribLookup was rather buggy, so rather than trying to untangle and fix the old code I decided to rewrite it from start, and hopefully make it more efficient. It looks almost the same:

One of the improvements is that if it is not given a llocality index,  it uses the GS1 code (the three first digits if the UPC) to guess the locality. Only if that doesn't get a match will it search all localities.

Why I wrote this?
Personally I dislike when cast and crew have been copied from another profile. There are too many bad profiles in the online database. Many profiles have data that was mined from IMDb, even though that is not allowed. This is especially true for older profiles.

So I like to go back to the contribution notes for the profile that the data was copied from. And quite often I find that it in turn used data copied from yet another profile. It's not uncommon that I have to go back through five profiles to find the original source. And then I want to see if the contributor has specified how he got the cast and crew.

If it says that cast and crew came from the credits, I usually accept that. If not, I usually do a full audit of the title in question. So, if you're anal about cast and crew, like me, you may find this useful.

Download ContribLookupPlus 1.0
My freeware tools for DVD Profiler users.
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