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Pink Floyd: Delicate Sound of Thunder blu-ray
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I have the CD of this which includes (specifically) Sorrow, Dogs of War, Yet Another Movie, and Round and Around.

I have a question about the track listing for this blu-ray.  The back of the case lists Sorrow and Dogs of War, but not Yet Another Movie or Round and Around.

At Amazon those 2 are listed as Bonus Tracks, but they're not shown in the track listing on the back of the actual case.

Are those 2 tracks actual inclusions on the blu-ray?  Are they concert footage like the others?

Those 4 songs I've listed (in addition to all the others included on this blu-ray, of course!) are important to me.  If Yet Another Movie and Round and Around aren't included as concert videos like the others, then I have to rethink whether or not I want to buy this.

Thank You!
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The tracklist given by the review on Blu-ray.com doesn’t include those songs, nor does the review mention special features being present.

But i don’t own this release so i can’t be sure..
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I will check on it in the afternoon (Dutch local time) since I am not sure atm, but I do have that box.

Edit: I have just checked the back cover of my copy (via the DVD Profiler app) and it reads the following (sorry, don't currently have a way of resizing the image):

But when I am at home I will verify this with my own BD as well.

This cover is from the NL release with EAN: 0190295215927.

Edit: I can now confirm that the tracklist is according to the back cover.
P.S. You did mention a separate Blu-ray?
I do have the box set which consists of 2 CDs, 1 Blu-ray and 1 DVD.

According to discogs.com this shows that the separate Blu-ray and DVD releases don't have the bonus tracks.
So in short, to get those bonus tracks the best bet is to buy the box set (UPC 194398066622 for U.S. and Canada and EAN 0190295215927 for Europe and the U.K. (perhaps other countries as well)).
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