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Copying Disc IDs Between Profiles
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Hello Fellow Comrades.

Is there a way to copy disc IDs (either one at a time or as a block) from one profile to another?

In my local collection I like to track TV box sets so they reflect the individual seasons (or group of seasons), where the seasons have their own cases within the box set.  Most of these don't have their own UPC and consist of more than one disc, so can't be contributed.  Normally when I audit TV box sets I do one version as I've described and one version as a single profile that can be contributed. To do this I record all the disc IDs twice, one for each version, as I go along.  However, I've managed to forget to do this for a box set I'm working on at the moment and would rather not go through all the discs one by one to record the missing ones.

Do you ever find yourself striving for perfection with an almost worthless attempt at it?  Guttermouth "Lemon Water".  Also, I include in my Profiler database VHS tapes, audio DVDs, audio books (digital, cassette and CD), video games (digital, DVD and CD) and 'enhanced' CDs with video tracks on them, as well as films and TV I've bought digitally.  So I'm an anarchist, deal with it.  Just be thankful I don't include most of my records and CDs etc in it too; don't think I haven't been tempted...
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