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Known Issues - Please check first before reporting an issue (Locked)
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Invelos Software, Inc. RepresentativeKen Cole
Invelos Software
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Version 1.0.1 is already underway (it was started the day we submitted 1.0.0), with fixes for items found in testing.  We will be closely monitoring error reports over the next few days and will submit 1.0.1 soon with fixes.

Reported Errors:

Report:  Add Custom Entry causes crash when selected from the empty search results screen.
Status: Corrected for 1.0.1. In the mean time, select Add Custom Entry from the Add interface directly.

Report: Selecting Browse, Upcoming, then changing the locality and selecting Back does not go back to the Browse menu.
Status: Corrected for 1.0.1. For now, select 'Databases', and re-open the current database to fix the browse interface.

Report: (iPad only) Thumbnail view can show no results, but the correct result count.
Status: Corrected for 1.0.1. In the mean time, switching sort order will show the thumbnails.

Report: Some currency symbols do not appear correctly
Status: Confirmed. Will be corrected for 1.0.1.

Report: Personalizing a title immediately after the first synchronize can result in a duplicated entry.
Status: Corrected for 1.0.1. In the mean time, synchronize once after the initial sync and you should not see this problem. If you have a duplicated entry, remove the duplicates and sync without sending changes.  Duplicates will also be automatically removed with the install of 1.0.1.

Report: When there is no image displayed for the selected profile, selecting Remote Actions results in crash.
Confirmed. Corrected for 1.0.1.

Report: Blu-rays which are region A/B on desktop show as region C on iOS. Apparently A+B != C.
Confirmed. Corrected for 1.0.1.

Report: Cover images blurry when "Large" image size is selected.
Confirmed. Corrected for 1.0.1.

All these and many more have been corrected and included in the 1.0.1 release which has been submitted to Apple.
Invelos Software, Inc. Representative
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