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How do you sort your collection
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DVD Profiler Unlimited Registrantmovie_madness
Registered: August 7, 2007
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I arrange by discs alphabetically on my shelves, but with one catch.  Titles that begin with numbers are treated as if the numbers are written alphabetically.  2001: A Space Odyssey is filed under T, as if the title began with "Two Thousand..."  100 Dalmations is treated as "One Hundred and..."  I used to sort all numerals the way most people do (I imagine), by putting them all before A.  But then, I find it impossible to remember, say, whether it's Twelve Angry Men or 12 Angry Men, whether it's Ten Commandments or 10 Commandments, etc.  If I sort titles the "normal" way, these titles would be at different places on the shelves.  That would be inconvenient for me because I have large shelves that span different rooms.  So I ended up taking the UNIFORM approach: treating all numerals as if they were English words.  That way, if a title begins with a number, it can only be at one place on the shelves, thus no more confusion.  Does anyone here do it like I do?

In a computerized catalog like DVD Profiler, all numbers are sorted before A because that's how computers see them, which can't be changed.  But that doesn't affect me because I can search for titles on a computer without knowing how the computer sorts them.
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