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Quoting HellRazor:
I have an old silent movie on BR that has NO onscreen cast/crew credits (although there ARE known credits on IMDB and elsewhere).  Should I contribute this profile without any cast/crew credits?

When I submit such profiles I'll take what I can from the credits, then use the AFI and BFI sites as my primary sources, checking against Wikipedia and IMDb where necessary. I'd then detail in my notes what I've done.

I contribute quite a few cast and crew profiles.  My eyesight isn't what it once was, so I sometimes find myself double-checking the IMDb for a character name if the credits are too small to clearly read.  I can honestly say I have never come across an IMDb profile without at least one mistake.  I really don't understand why people hold it in such reverence - it's incredibly unreliable when it comes to exact details.
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Quoting Nexus the Sixth:
Apparently i am on the ignore list since ive got pending contributions from 5 May and onwards.

You're not alone.

I have one from the fifth awaiting approval (four 'yes' votes).
A chunk for the next week have been approved and released.
Four full cast and crew entries submitted a few days later have been approved, one hasn't (from the 9th), despite 'yes' votes.
A few more over the next few days have been approved, then there's another one from the tenth still waiting approval.
A further five full cast and crew updates have been released, then we have six new-to-database entries on the 18th which have yet to be approved.
Then three more full cast and crew updates for blank profiles that have been released, followed by one (26th) that hasn't.
Then one with full cast and crew that has been approved (four days after submission), followed by several more that haven't.

There's no logic.  Some of the approved ones have no votes, some of the unapproved ones have 'yes' votes.  Some of the new entries have been released, some of them haven't.

I take all my submissions directly from the credits themselves.  Occasionally I'll check a spelling or an actor's name, and in doing so I always cross reference IMDb, Wikipedia, bfi database and afi database to make sure I'm not making a mistake.  I'm a reliable contributor, and most of my contributions are full casts and crew for entries that don't have them.

I just don't understand why some are approved faster than others.
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Personally I'd say UK/USA
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Quoting Nexus the Sixth:
Thank you Ken! I would gladly donate some $$$ to help with the new server costs. 

Yes, me too.
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