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I have no intention of buying any of these series on disc, so it ultimately doesn't matter to me, but that just doesn't sound right unless I'm reading it wrong. Personally, I would just count the Arrow episodes in order like any other TV series, and treat the 3 extra episodes of the arc from the other series as bonus content.

The same thing will be cropping up again soon with the Crisis on Infinite Earths 5-part crossover event. If I'm not mistaken, the Arrow set will contain all the crossover episodes, and each of the non-Arrow episodes will also appear on their respective shows' sets as well.
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I haven't jumped on the 4K bandwagon just yet, but I did just buy my first 4K title: Gemini Man. Given that my TV is aging (a 10 year old Vizio former floor model with severe screen burn), it's inevitable that I will be buying a new 4K TV in the near future. And, since my son already has his Xbox One connected to the TV, that will give me a 4K player. I got to see Gemini Man in the theater at 60fps and it was quite impressive, visually. Once I get my new TV, I should be able to replicate that theater experience with this movie.
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1/01 - Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Dolby)
1/04 - Cats (I wanted to see if it was as bad the reviews said...yes, it's that bad, possibly worse)

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Quoting zappman:
"The Wonderful World of Disney" on the front could be part of the title, since "The Wonderful World of Disney" was an anthology television series in the years 1969–1979. To me it is not an edition.
see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walt_Disney_anthology_television_series#The_Wonderful_World_of_Disney_(1969-1979)

"Disney Exclusives" is a valid edition for some profiles as it is part of a group of "film" / "tv series" DVDs released by Disney, that were released exclusively through the Disney Movie Club, and are a unique release of the DVD. To me it is like "The Criterion Collection".
see https://disneyexclusives.go.com/disney-exclusive-movies.html
see https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Disney_Movie_Club_Exclusive_DVDs

I was thinking the same thing about both
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Quoting AiAustria:
Quoting GSyren:
I say it depends. Is this the one you're talking about?....


If the title is a a movie title or a combination of movie titles, then Edition (it is a possibly different version of existing movies).

If the title is a generic box set title (as most of the examples of AndyEN), then the Double Feature is part of the title.

I agree with this
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I'm coming up on 22 years for collecting discs. Jan 9, 1998 was my first DVD purchase (Spawn) from Suncoast Video.
I had been loosely collecting VHS for many years before that. My very first purchase was the VHS of Alien back in the mid 80s, back when they were rental only and not for general sale. I paid $80 for that VHS...and I still have it!
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Quoting jurgen42u:
I always close DVDProfiler with the X, but it seems that even by doing that, when shutting down the PC, the PC shows the blue screen, with the mention of programs still running, it still seems that DVDProfiler is "active".
Either way you can then choose to wait until the program is finished or do shut down the PC.
Maybe that's when it gives the problem.
I will try all the suggestions given here this weekend.

Thanks all!

I usually close out of it the same way, clicking the X. Have you tried to close out by clicking File > Exit DVD Profiler? Maybe that way will work better for you?
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Looking at the cover, both of those are listed, so I would include both in the Edition field
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I picked up a LG one from Best Buy. Admittedly, I haven't used it yet, but it has good reviews. Hopefully I'll have time to use it within the next week or so with my new Win10 laptop that I bought it for. This is the model I got: LG for about $70 after it's sale price + some BB rewards
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