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I will check on it in the afternoon (Dutch local time) since I am not sure atm, but I do have that box.

Edit: I have just checked the back cover of my copy (via the DVD Profiler app) and it reads the following (sorry, don't currently have a way of resizing the image):

But when I am at home I will verify this with my own BD as well.

This cover is from the NL release with EAN: 0190295215927.

Edit: I can now confirm that the tracklist is according to the back cover.
P.S. You did mention a separate Blu-ray?
I do have the box set which consists of 2 CDs, 1 Blu-ray and 1 DVD.

According to discogs.com this shows that the separate Blu-ray and DVD releases don't have the bonus tracks.
So in short, to get those bonus tracks the best bet is to buy the box set (UPC 194398066622 for U.S. and Canada and EAN 0190295215927 for Europe and the U.K. (perhaps other countries as well)).
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Depending on the brand and type of DVD player (or is it a Blu-ray player?), you could make the player region-free, sometimes quite simply by pressing some key combination from your remote control. But in other cases, the player can be modded by means of some board which needs some soldering skills.

If you can give us the brand and model, perhaps I (or someone else) can have a solution.

I, for example, am using a mod board on my Pioneer BDP-170, which I had ordered from rattlebyte.com (free worldwide delivery).
The Blu-ray player now is region-free for DVDs and region-selectable for Blu-rays from all over the world.
Next on the list is modding my Sony UBP-X800M2 so I don't have to use the BDP-170 anymore when I want to watch some foreign movies.
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It looks like the screeners are paying attention to what is written here.
I too had some submissions on "approved", but soon after you've posted about it those "approved" were released. Hmm
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Quoting GSyren:
I have also had a contribution declined because I mentioned IMDb as an invalid source. Since then I always use the less specific term ”a third party database” just to avoid this. Obviously not a new profile, though.

Yep, exactly this. Lessons learned.

I am, however, quite curious about those screeners, are there screeners specifically for each region/country or are they governed by Invelos for screening on a global scale? This could explain the time between submission and acceptance/decline for each profile, which is quite long nowadays.
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I had experienced the exact opposite.
This is a submission for the Belgium release of Zillion (EAN 8719372016329)

Like mentioned in the notes I did add the Cast exactly as credited, but made some comments about the uncredited cast and mentioned IMDb as an invalid source (N.B. updated notes were only for a typo I did make about the name of IMDb).

Either the screener did not read the whole information or the mentioning alone about IMDb did trigger the decline.

And the strangest part is, that I also did submit the same information for the Dutch release of this particular Blu-ray, but that one was accepted. Go figure.
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