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My DVD Profile software still does not work.  I get floating point error and it will not find DVD, Blue Ray movie tops even though they are definitely in the data base.  I get error window to send error message to support and I send it in fact I have sent it about 30 times and do not get any thing from support.  I have tried everything suggested.  I have even deleted the software and reinstalled it and that does not help.

What good is this program if it does not work properly.  I have over 1,000 movies in my database and when it does find a new movie I am trying to add it assigns a number that is already in my collection.

This used to work perfectly but now I am very unhappy with it.  I have a lifetime key and expect someone to at least e-mail me from support so we an get this problem worked out.

Thanks    Is there a phone number I can call...……..
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