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The initial contributions for the BD releases of the Obi-Wan series and Andor: Season 1....19 days and counting. I have the whole rest of both profiles ready to contribute, but can't until the initial contribution is approved/released. It's been almost 3 WEEKS now! 
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Tom Harvey (1924) Actor in Strange Brew, The Park is Mine, The Lawyer: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0367737/?ref_=tt_cl_t_12 and https://marvelanimated.fandom.com/wiki/Tom_Harvey.

Tom Harvey (????) Actor whose only database credit is in The Social Network: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4087684/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cl_t71
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Lisa Frankenstein: David K. Nami
Topic Replies: 25, Topic Views: 21371
Long Shot (2019): Mary Vogt
Topic Replies: 31, Topic Views: 12500
The Mandalorian: Season 1: Ming-Na Wen
The Mandalorian: Season 2: Ming-Na Wen
Young Sheldon: Season 5: Ming-Na Wen
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Quoting greyghost:
Or just hold the Ctrl key and select Refresh Online Profile List... under the Online... tab.

This just downloads the complete online profile list, you still need to Refresh Updated Profiles as usual.

You don't have to download the complete online profile list every day though, do you?
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Quoting primetime21:
Quoting GSyren:
Quoting primetime21:
Quoting GSyren:
Quoting the Knowledge Base:
You can download the online profile list directly from your browser and save it to your "My Documents\DVD Profiler" directory. The next time you start DVD Profiler, it will automatically import the downloaded file.

Download the file by right-clicking on the download link below and selecting "Save Target As". Then, browse to your "My Documents" folder, then into "DVD Profiler" from there. Save the downloaded file.

Download link: OnlineList.dod

This works! Just make sure you download the file into the directory indicated, and then restart Profiler.

Thanks I'll try this out!  Do you still the chance to decide whether or not to include certain updated data?

It just downloads the online profile list. After that you can select Refresh Updated Profiles from the menu, just like before.

This worked!  As expected I had a ton of downloads.  Thank you!

I just came to ask this question! I thought it was just me!
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Night Gallery: Season 2 - Robert Hoy
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The parent profile should use the year of the broadcast of the first episode of that season. The disc-level child profiles can use the year of the 1st episode on each particular disc.
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Of course! 20 minutes after I typed that. Which wouldn't have happened if I had not said anything. 
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So, is the Online Database coming back, or......?
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New glitch: New contributions stuck on "Approved" since the server switch. I have one profile (a brand new one) that was Approved on March 2nd. It won't show up in my "Updated Profiles" list until its status is "Released". Which usually happens within a day, at most. Anyone else's contributions stuck on "Approved"?
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I'm trying to submit info to the profile for the Arrow US release of Fear Is the Key (760137-143079). There have been only 2 accepted contributions: November 30, 2023 & February 18, 2024. I downloaded the profile in-between updates, and got the February update last night (covers scans only). However, when I go to contribute the rest of the profile, I get the error page that shows up when the initial contribution for a profile has already been done. My question is: It's not a "new" profile anymore, so why can't I contribute updates?
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What the rule when Crew is credited 2 different ways?
For Hired Gun, it's Stephen Hunter Flick in the opening credits. In the closing credits, it's Stephen H. Flick.

Thanks for clarification, Rutan!

Hired Gun: Stephen H. Flick
Topic Replies: 42, Topic Views: 13676
Pacific Blue Season 1: Craig W. Van Sickle
Clone Wars S3 & S4: Craig Van Sickle
Topic Replies: 4, Topic Views: 1943
Hollywood Shuffle: Greg Jacobs
Topic Replies: 3, Topic Views: 1953
Pacific Inferno: Richard Anderson (sound editor)
Topic Replies: 10, Topic Views: 4309
Hop: Richard L. Anderson
Shrek The Halls: Richard L. Anderson
Shark Tale: Richard L. Anderson
2 Days in the Valley: Richard L. Anderson
Needful Things: Richard L. Anderson
Hoffa: Richard L. Anderson
Cocktail: Richard L. Anderson
Gremlins: Richard L. Anderson
Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Richard L. Anderson

The Package: Richard Anderson
D.C. Cab: Richard Anderson
Topic Replies: 10, Topic Views: 4309
Pacific Blue: Season 1 - Tom Szollosi
Topic Replies: 8, Topic Views: 4167
Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice - W. Morgan Sheppard
Gods and Generals: Morgan Sheppard
MacGyver: Season 4 ep.7 - W. Morgan Sheppard
MacGyver: Season 6 ep.6 - W. Morgan Sheppard
Free Birds: William Sheppard
There Goes the Neighborhood aka Paydirt aka The Hidden Fortune: Morgan Sheppard
Topic Replies: 29, Topic Views: 14553
Hotel Colonial: Demian Bechir (new variant)
Topic Replies: 16, Topic Views: 13109
Quoting GreyHulk:
Italians (2009)
"scenografia" - Stefano Maria Ortolani

According to Google Translate, the Italian for Production Designer is "scenografia".

Can anyone tell me where the Crew translation guide is on here? I suddenly need it, yet cannot find it anywhere.

I had that same problem a while back, so now I get to pay it forward: http://www.invelos.com/Forums.aspx?task=viewtopic&topicID=478331&PageNum=1&messageID=1355237#M1355237
Topic Replies: 20, Topic Views: 5984
13 Hours: Stefano Maria Ortolani
Risen: Stefano Maria Ortolani

I don't have a credit for him in M:I 3 or The Core. Unit crew perhaps?
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Mädchen Amick31 confirmed
American Horror Story: Hotel (or Season 5) (2 eps.)
Californication: Season 2
Casting About
CSI: NY - Season 6
Damages: Season 3
Dawson's Creek: Season 2
Dream Lover
ER: Season 11
Four Corners of Suburbia
Gilmore Girls: Season 2
Gilmore Girls: Season 3
Hangman (2000)
Kidnapped: The Complete Series
The List (2000)
Longmire: Season 2
Longmire: Season 3
Mad Men: Season 5, Ep 4
Mr. Rock 'n' Roll: Die Alan Freed Story (1999)
My Own Worst Enemy: The Complete Series
Perfect Crimes (aka Fallen Angels) II (or Season 2)
Psych: Season 6
The Rats
Riverdale: Season 1
Riverdale: Season 2
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 2
Stephen King's Sleepwalkers (aka Sleepwalkers)
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series
Unanswered Prayers
White Collar: Season 2
Witches of East End: Season 1
Wounded (1997)

Madchen Amick: 16 confirmed
American Horror Story: Hotel (or season 5) (1 ep.)
Baywatch: Season 1
Beauty & the Beast: Season 1
The Borrower
The Boyfriend School aka Don't Tell Her It's Me
Global Effect
Gossip Girl: Season 2
The Great American Sex Scandal
I'm Dangerous Tonight
In Plain Sight: Season 5
Joey: Season 1
Law & Order: Season 17 Episode 3
Love, Cheat & Steal
Perfect Crimes (aka Fallen Angels) II (or Season 2)
Scenes of the Crime
Trapped In Paradise
Twin Peaks: Season 1
Twin Peaks: Season 2
Topic Replies: 31, Topic Views: 13067
Number One With A Bullet: Mykel T. Williamson
Topic Replies: 22, Topic Views: 14344
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