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Also at slightly over 20 years! Bought my first disc (Small Soldiers) at the end of 1998 or very early 1999.

Sure, I’d happily do another 20 years..\
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Quoting Cyclograph:
For very basic data export to Excel and others, there used to be a very easy to use plugin called "CSV Export" which allowed exporting just user selected data fields. It unfortunately appears to be gone from the downloads section tho...
If someone still has a installer copy, IIRC tho quite old (ca 2009) it still worked with the current program.

Archive of original site, but DL link is dead:
CSV Export 1.4

I found one of Mark's posts, as he has the link in his signature. Here you go:

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Quoting loiram:
Any plans to bring this wonderful app to MacOS?

I am not a member of Invelos, but from what I can tell it's rather unlikely.

I am running Windows in a virtualization on my Macbook, using VirtualBox, you'd still need a Windows license, of course. I have been using this solution for several years now and have had few troubles only.
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Quoting jaidev:
So I'm now back to using DVDP via a virtual machine, VMware fusion.  You also have to ensure the database is stored on the VM, not on the Mac and shared through VMvarehost. This will make DVDP very slow, and freeze at times.  Once I moved the database back to the VM storage, its working fine.  Including sync with iOS.

Before doing a paid upgrade for VMWare Fusion once that comes up, maybe have a look at VirtualBox, it's a free solution (still requires the Windows license, of course) and has worked well for me for several years at this point.
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Die derzeit letzte Version der deutschen Übersetzung ist für 3.9.5 und kann hier heruntergeladen werden:


In dem entsprechenden Unterforum habe ich keine Übersetzung für 4.0.0 gefunden. So wie ich das verstehe, hat Invelos bisher keine Vorlage für die Übersetzer zur Verfügung gestellt.
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Quoting RMC:
What do I do once I'm in "control & configure"?

I have:

Enable (switched off)
Enable at Startup (switched off)

Ratings: 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

We seem to generally agree that (some of) these titles deserve their Adult rating and it should at least be maintained in the online database. But we still need to solve your problem, so you can see them on your iPad.

The setting seems to match what I see in my phone, although I don't see this Ratings(...?); at least not in my phone.

In the DVD Profiler Windows program, my settings are set to "Bt Rating Age: 18", the checkbox for "Or has 'Adult' genre". Then I guess the real key here is, that I have "Allow Adult titles" selected and both checkboxes to Hide adult titles are unchecked.

I own Thriller, and the rating seems to be set to NR for the Synapse Films release.

With all of the above, Thriller Dows show up on my phone.
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There is a thread at blue-ray.com discussing the (possibly) imminent announcement and release of The Abyss and True Lies Blu-rays, it has been going since 2012 and is currently 253 pages long.

The latest news, that had people excited again, was a Instagram post by Cameron's collaborator Skip Kimball, making it look like that he is going through the The Abyss transfer, supposedly with Cameron, to approve it for Blu-ray release; that thing is mentioned on page 248 of above-mentioned blu-ray.com thread.

I hope that The Abyss and maybe even True Lies will finally see Blu-ray releases sometime soon.
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I cannot speak for the other titles, but the Adult setting for

Thriller: A Cruel Picture (Limited Edition) (1974) US DVD - 654930303498 - Synapse

is certainly not mis-filled...

The setting is controlled in Settings|Parental Control -> Control and Configure.
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